Agence 187

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Living architecture has a special sort of magic.

A magic that lies in the digitisation of projects.

And so, Grégory Pierre Maurice and Nicolas Guyot cofounded Agency 187, an agency dedicated to the digitisation of spaces.

To digitise a space is to design for use. Connecting users to a place and a place to its users allows users to influence and react to that space. A place must respond to its use and should thus provide services and convey emotions.

This is true of shops, scenography, offices, living spaces and indeed, of anywhere that architecture exists.

With offices in both Paris and Nantes, Agence 187 shares the premises of Pierre & Maurice. The synergy between the two agencies makes it possible to explore hardware and software solutions from the very first phase of any design project.

Today, Agence 187 is fully autonomous, but its corresponding skillset guarantees the perpetual innovation of our architectural practices.