Brita is the timeless filter jug that found its place in our kitchens in the 90s.

Brita also offer Fountains and complex filter systems to bars & restaurants owners for whom water purity fully participates to the gastronomic experience.

Pierre & Maurice help the well-known German company, offering a practical and sophisticated concept of modular stand that can adapt to any available surfaces at each event.

The center, theatrical, piece is convenient and user-friendly.

This bar has the distinctive feature of respecting the min width of the standard stand formats, so that it does not need any changes, enabling our client to book an area ranging from 161,46 sq ft up to 1016 sq ft.

The remaining elements of the structure is made up of independent but interlocking 31,5 inches parts; autonomous but nustable, which can be used if needed during the exhibition.

This assembling is a must-see on all major Food shows in France.

Crédits images : Sarah Vervisch