Gregory Pierre & Maurice, the eponymous founder of the agency, is the ambitious one of the team. With a timeless pair of white Repettos on his feet, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting new projects. He tries to be funny and succeeds (well, sometimes!). However, his greatest strength is undoubtedly his audacity. As he firmly believes and tells our clients, without disruption, there can be no success—we must leave our comfort zones if we are to innovate and surprise.

Adrien Mathieu & Henry, our development manager, can make a phone call from anywhere and any place—even on his bicycle! He doesn’t mince his words and has a sense of humour that is infinite, inimitable and indomitable. It is he who livens up the long days at Pierre et Maurice. The orator of the team, he is proud of the agency and constantly strives to captivate his audience. It is in no small part due to him that we create so many beautiful projects!

Zoé Huguette & Thérèse, our graphic designer from Nantes, is the sweetheart of the team. Armed only with a pencil, this cat-eyed artist can make even your wildest dreams come true. But, make no mistake, outside the Agency she is fearless. You will find her braving the elements, riding the waves or at the biggest rock music festivals. This pretty miss plays her cards very close to her chest.

Delphine, Catherine & Paola is the head of event projects & scenographies. She is distinguished by her taste for culture, art and all those beautiful things that make Paris. She was naturally destined to join the agency. We can count on her fine mind and her requirement to make our booths and other achievements a moment of grace and poetry!

Juliette Suzanne & Camille is the designer of the team. She draws and draws and draws to the point of exhaustion. Like any good designer, she grumbles a little, but laughs a lot! Ever since she joined the team, the coffee, computer and pencil budgets have skyrocketed. But, luckily, she comes up with amazing new concepts by the dozen. ;)

Romain, Jean-Pierre, our project manager and designer, is the efficient one of the team. He’s the guy in charge of the development and production of our projects. Efficient, ingenious and creative, Romain can find the solution to any problem. But even now, we can't figure out why ‘cute baby panda’ pops up in his search history …

Adrien, Hugo & Piment (oui c'est son prénom) est le designer, geek et bricolo de l’équipe. Hipster dans l'âme, c'est vêtu de son plus beau bleu de travail qu'il débite les idées à la minute. Doté d’une créativité débordante, ce ronchon plasticien saura transformer ingénieusement votre sujet en un projet innovant et audacieux !

Laetitia, Maria & Marcelle is the administrative manager of the agency. She speaks to her children in Spanish, French to her colleague and all the others in Numbers! Laetitia administers and makes a hell of good work for the biggest pleasure of our spendthrift and ambitious team. Por eso no podemos prescindir de ella!

Nicolas ‘Two-Point- Oh’ is the charming blue-eyed geek of the agency. After making a name for himself at Pierre & Maurice, he spread his wings and, with Gregory, founded our sister agency: Agence 187.