Living architecture refers to those places that evolve, adapt and influence one another. Many fields of expertise are required to create such unique in-situ experiences.

At Pierre & Maurice, we collaborate with experts from all different fields. Among them, architects (with whom we co-contract) and design professions (whose work we integrate with ours). We master and manage every aspect of our projects, from the most visible elements to the most discreet details. Indeed, it is our close level of involvement that guarantees the excellent, precise and careful management of all our projects.

Our first objective is to create and evoke emotion. It is only in this state—in the evocation of a place or a character—that values and energy can be transmitted and ambition expressed.

We draw inspiration from art, history and nature. Our influences are varied, but a few brilliant and talented individuals warrant special mention: the master of architecture, Franck Gerhy, light artist, Olafur Eliasson, and poet and designer, Hilton McConnico.

Our second objective is to meet the needs of our users. To respond to everyday life, living architecture, like all architecture, must be visible, understandable and sensitive to users’ expectations.

Our third objective is sustainability. As the needs of the brands we work with are ever-evolving, we always consider the sustainability of our projects to ensure that they are as responsive and adaptive as possible.